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External Reviews


Reviews Sent To Us

Please see the reviews below that their clients have kindly taken their time to submit:
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Reviewer: peter
Date: 8 / 6
A 3rd meeting with Hannah Lovely young lady Terrific company Top GFE and Ooh Those legs Thank you for a great time Peter x

Reviewer: Leedsguy
Date: 18 May
Hannah is simply gorgeous. A pretty, tall brunette with deep brown eyes, a beautiful bottom, lovely breasts and just about the best legs I have ever had the privilege of getting up and close and personal with.
She is also a charming and considerate young lady who dressed to please - the leather miniskirt was exceptionally sexy - and saw to it that I had a fabulous hour of fun and frolics. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Reviewer: Stevie Gee
Date: 17 May
Met the very sexy Hannah today. She is truly stunning, has a great body, and her outfit was just a knockout. Much fun was had in the lounge, and I will definitely return.Take care Hannah, you are a star xx

Reviewer: J
Date: 09 May
Met the lovely Hannah yesterday for the first time. She is very pretty and very sexy. I found her easy to chat to and her gfe was very authentic. Highly recommended. Hoping to see her again very soon.

Reviewer: JohnM
Date: 15 March
This was my first meeting with Hannah and I was not disappointed - she is stunning. Hannah is beautiful from head to toe. Not only that but she is very friendly and easy to talk to - and passionate - oh so passionate!! Read her bio - it is 100% spot on. I hope Hannah stays with IK for a good while yet as I am sure I will be going back for more. Beautiful, passionate and very friendly - did I say that already! Thoroughly recommended.

Reviewer: Fly Boy
Date: 7 Feb
I saw Hannah today for a mid winter morning break. She is a sexy wonderful woman who just knows intrinisicly how to treat and pleasure a man. She has wonderful long legs that go all the way up to her stunningly sexy bottom. We had to turn the heating down it got so hot. I love seeing Hannah. x

Reviewer: Rustler
Date: 6/12/17
My 4th appointment with Hannah, my 4th review. I know that Hannah really likes being reviewed so come on guys get typing. Repay some of the pleasure she gives.
Immaculate arrangements by Michelle as always.
Door opens with Hannah hiding behind. As I enter she closes the door behind me. What a sight. Short red polka dot dress, stockings and killer high heels. Perfect makeup and lovely hair. Hannah kissed me straight away, wonderful! We chatted in the lounge for a while. Her short dress not quite long enough to cover her stocking tops, just the way I hoped. I had bought her a small present from home which was well received. Nothing major, just that I had made the effort.
Be generous, treat her yourself.
After the usual formalities were over I knocked on the bedroom door, a signal for Hannah to join me. I was blindfolded and standing ready with my hands on my head. Sounds of heels clicking on the hard floor. Hannah enters the bedroom and giggles. I like to surprise. She kissed and tickled me before a proper ‘greeting’. Hannah’s greeting was warm, soft and very deep. Not being able to see and trying to hold still made the feeling much more intense. This was all too much. Hannah helped me onto the bed where the greetings continued. After some time, I wanted to please Hannah, only fair. Michelle will not post all the details, but we had lots of sexy fun together.
Hannah did ask me to check that she was clean. A very thorough head to toe inspection followed. Some areas needed extra attention just to be sure. Hannah really liked the attention, in fact she enjoyed it so much I was asked for two encores over the next couple of hours.
After some time, we needed a break and a drink so used the lounge to chat and cuddle. Normal conversation about everything and nothing, how exquisite. I had my PC with me and I asked Hannah to read my last review. It was fantastic hearing my words from Hannah’s lips.
Back into the bedroom which felt cold, Hannah got into the bed, I joined her. What a wonderful GFE cuddling and being warm together. As you might expect things did get a little hotter. I like to play games, Hannah does too. Everything designed to be fun and very naughty. After each short game Hannah was checking for the next suggestion. None were declined and some of Hannah’s ideas were better than I could have hoped for.
A highlight for me was Hannah using me for her pleasure. I was quite passive, Hannah was not. Seeing such a gorgeous woman losing herself in pleasure is fantastic. A lasting memory.
Our time was nearly over, I asked Hannah to wear the blindfold. She was tempted but did not want to ruin her makeup which surprisingly was still looking good although her hair was rather messed up, I wonder why?
Time for me with Hannah is like being with your top girlfriend who you know will not be difficult or moody. Always warm and welcoming with a sexy twist.
So, would I recommend? Yes, very much. Not everyday you find a tall elegant sexy brunette who likes to be naughty. We all score girls. Well Hannah is 10/10 all day long. Also +1 for stockings and +1 for not needing bra, in a good way. So, 12/10.
Hannah, if you read this which I am sure you will I hope it brings back happy memories.
Until next time, Rustler.

Reviewer: Paul
Date: 13/12
In short: a fantastic GFE with a beautiful and lovely lady!
Hannah looks sensational in her photos but she in person she is even better and really stunning. Chatty, friendly and a real laugh she was excellent company. A sensual, exciting, passionate and very satisfying GFE of the highest quality. No exaggeration: If I could have, I would literally have booked her for the very next day there and then!
I left with a spring in my step. Very highly recommended indeed.

Reviewer: peter
Date: 24 / 11
A 2nd meeting with Hannah Super girl Top class GFE Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of her company Thank you for another great time Peter xx

Reviewer: Rustler
Date: 15/11/17
Excellent arrangement by M.
Sound’s of high heels on a hard floor. Door opens, Hannah is a sight to behold. Tall brunette and very pretty. She has new blonde highlights, very sexy.
Hannah was wearing white lingerie with black stockings and a black lace bodice, red stilettos all topped by a short leather mini skirt. Sitting in the lounge together her skirt rode up exposing stocking tops, perfect. We chatted for a while as I tried to concentrate, not easy.
Usual formalities and a shower later I was in the bedroom ready. Hannah came in, a naughty smile on her lips. This was all looking very promising.
M will not publish all the details, but a highlight for me being used by Hannah for her pleasure. I was laying down, Hannah was everywhere, all over me. After about 10 minutes Hannah started to shake and collapsed on me ‘exhausted’. Our bodies heaving from our efforts. Hannah kissed me by way of a thank you. See really meant it. This was followed lots of naughty games with Hannah being naughtier than me. We used the bedroom and lounge as our playground.
Hannah is flawless. She has enhanced boobs which are perfection. If you did not know you would assume that see had naturally been very very lucky. Pleased to report, as before, I checked everywhere for faults. No found. I did think that there might have been a small problem, but my tongue was not long enough to reach, I did try. Time with Hannah is just about the best I could imagine. Never stressed or awkward, pure naughty fun. My air hostess fantasy still holds true. If Hannah was on my flight there would be quite a queue for the loo with gentlemen needing relief from localised turbulence.
How did it all end? I asked Hannah to use me again. She did not need encouragement. I was used in a variety of different ways, each better than before. All this ‘use’ became too much and we became ‘exhausted’ together. A fantastic sight, seeing such a beautiful woman enjoying me!
We had time to spare so just cuddled and chatted. Wonderful to be in the Leeds bubble created by M for all to enjoy. Where better?
So, would I recommend? Well, if you like tall pretty, educated brunettes with a naughty side, then yes, very much. If not then no, leave for those of us that do.
Hannah. If you ever read this I greatly look forward to our next appointment. You are a joy.
To sum up, fantastic. Score 11+/10. Not possible but not sure 11+ is high enough!



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