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Reviews Sent To Us

Please see the reviews below that their clients have kindly taken their time to submit:
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Reviewer: Paul
Date: 13/12
In short: a fantastic GFE with a beautiful and lovely lady!
Hannah looks sensational in her photos but she in person she is even better and really stunning. Chatty, friendly and a real laugh she was excellent company. A sensual, exciting, passionate and very satisfying GFE of the highest quality. No exaggeration: If I could have, I would literally have booked her for the very next day there and then!
I left with a spring in my step. Very highly recommended indeed.

Reviewer: peter
Date: 24 / 11
A 2nd meeting with Hannah Super girl Top class GFE Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of her company Thank you for another great time Peter xx

Reviewer: Rustler
Date: 15/11/17
Excellent arrangement by M.
Sound’s of high heels on a hard floor. Door opens, Hannah is a sight to behold. Tall brunette and very pretty. She has new blonde highlights, very sexy.
Hannah was wearing white lingerie with black stockings and a black lace bodice, red stilettos all topped by a short leather mini skirt. Sitting in the lounge together her skirt rode up exposing stocking tops, perfect. We chatted for a while as I tried to concentrate, not easy.
Usual formalities and a shower later I was in the bedroom ready. Hannah came in, a naughty smile on her lips. This was all looking very promising.
M will not publish all the details, but a highlight for me being used by Hannah for her pleasure. I was laying down, Hannah was everywhere, all over me. After about 10 minutes Hannah started to shake and collapsed on me ‘exhausted’. Our bodies heaving from our efforts. Hannah kissed me by way of a thank you. See really meant it. This was followed lots of naughty games with Hannah being naughtier than me. We used the bedroom and lounge as our playground.
Hannah is flawless. She has enhanced boobs which are perfection. If you did not know you would assume that see had naturally been very very lucky. Pleased to report, as before, I checked everywhere for faults. No found. I did think that there might have been a small problem, but my tongue was not long enough to reach, I did try. Time with Hannah is just about the best I could imagine. Never stressed or awkward, pure naughty fun. My air hostess fantasy still holds true. If Hannah was on my flight there would be quite a queue for the loo with gentlemen needing relief from localised turbulence.
How did it all end? I asked Hannah to use me again. She did not need encouragement. I was used in a variety of different ways, each better than before. All this ‘use’ became too much and we became ‘exhausted’ together. A fantastic sight, seeing such a beautiful woman enjoying me!
We had time to spare so just cuddled and chatted. Wonderful to be in the Leeds bubble created by M for all to enjoy. Where better?
So, would I recommend? Well, if you like tall pretty, educated brunettes with a naughty side, then yes, very much. If not then no, leave for those of us that do.
Hannah. If you ever read this I greatly look forward to our next appointment. You are a joy.
To sum up, fantastic. Score 11+/10. Not possible but not sure 11+ is high enough!

Reviewer: peter
Date: 8 / 11
Treated myself to an hour in the company of Hannah What a girl Gorgeous fun Very giving passionate and focused The hour passed so quickly Thank you for a Sensational time It was an absolute pleasure to meet you Peter xx

Reviewer: Rustler
Date: 14 OCT
2nd visit 2nd review.
Door opens, tall pretty brunette. She recognised me and I was greeted with a smile and a full on kiss.
Then things got better.
Wearing excellent bra and knickers with black holdups with red detailing. A fantasy on legs.
After normal formalities we were in the bedroom. M will not post details but it was 2hrs of full on fun. I spent quite some time checking Hannah everywhere and could not find a single fault. She is that air hostess vision we all have but right in front of you and not wearing much. Fantastic.
I would high recommend Hannah if elegance and sophistication with a naughty side does it for you.
I will be back.
Thank you Hannah. Top draw.

Reviewer: David
Date: 30.6.17
I am not a frequent traveller to this life of passion and was extremely nervous.
Michelle was excellent taking the time and trouble to direct me over a couple of days to finally meet up with Hannah.
When she opened the door I was aghast at how beautiful she looked dressed in a tight fitting red dress which expressed her figure beautifully.
She kissed me like I was hers and only hers before we sat for a brief discussion she completely put me at my ease.
I showered and when I entered the bedroom she was dressed in some amazing underwear the like I have never seen up this close before. She smelled gorgeous too.
We lay together discussing the options and she asked me my preference,
Hannah then took control and gave me an amazing time that I am still dreaming about,
Afterwards we discussed the new technique only to say we will try the A-Z next time I hope to meet her again soon.
Thank you Hannah.

Reviewer: Dave
Date: 17/6/17
What a privilege it was to spend some time with the wonderful Hannah yesterday - I'm still smiling today! It was a little haven of bliss and escapism amid the trials of everyday life. Hannah is everything that has been said here and more - such a lovely young woman and yes, I am busily planning our dream holiday!! By the way, I know I didn't ask for the answer - that will have to wait for next time! Thanks for coping with my special needs!!! Dave

Reviewer: Rustler
Date: 27 May
Excellent arrangements and directions from Michelle, lead me to a Penthouse flat in Leeds docklands.
Knocked on the door, adrenaline flowing. Sounds of heels on hard floor.
Shut your eyes. Tall brunette air hostess in short black dress and red heels behind the door. Open eyes, better than you hoped. Pretty, curvy and basically gorgeous. Stockings and heels to boot.
Stunned by Hannah. Wow. Hardly twenty words spoken and she was kissing me.
Paperwork, shower, to biz.
Hannah tastes wonderful and responds well to attention.
I booked a long appointment so there was plenty of time the get acquainted so for 2+ hours we just had naughty fun. Lots of kissing and touching. At one stage H took charge. Did I say how pretty she is? Prefect smile with perfect teeth. You will have noticed from her profile that Hannah is enhanced Do not be put off.
After a clean-up and short break we were watching the weather across Leeds whilst sipping some wine.
So, if you have been in an airport watching the air hostesses and feeling the need don’t bother. Book with Hannah and do it for real. Not entirely sure that Hannah is a real air-hostess but who cares?
Summary. Tall slim pretty brunette with a naughty side. Things did get more graphic than this but M would not post so fill in the gaps yourself.
All in all. Fantastic. 11+/10.

Reviewer: Savoy
Date: 20 April
So as I said this time I had the two hours. Hannah restores my soul from all the frustrating crap and stresses of life. Even though I was very tired She was voracious, adventurous kind, sensitive, warm outrageously sexy. How did she know that white lacey underwear blows my mind.Thank you again darling.

Reviewer: savoy
Date: 26/3
A changed a dreary Monday morning into an hour of complete bliss. Once again Hannah just took advantage of me to self gratify herself. She had to be fair already done lots of gratifying me Hannah is stunningly attractive and so very confident in herself and her sexuality. Its nothing but a complete honour to be able to hold her in your arms. One hour in really not enough. Thank you sweetheart xx



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