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Reviews Sent To Us

Please see my reviews below that my clients have kindly taken their time to submit:
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Reviewer: John
Date: 23 July
Wow... this girl is an angel. Aside from being stunning pretty Cally has an unbelievable sexy figure. I like my women slim and athletic and she ticks all the right boxes for me. Cally has an easy going nature and was fun to chat with and made me feel comfortable and at ease with her. One word to describe my encounter: HOT!

Reviewer: Stevie Gee
Date: 06/07
Wow. Just had a fab hour with the delicious Cally. Very Pretty Girl with luscious lips, and a smokin hot bod. The best bum I've seen in a heck of a long time. Will I return....just try and stop me. Take care Cally xx

Reviewer: Fitness trainer
Date: 28 June
OMG, Cally looked super hot and what happened next sent temperatures soaring making today the hottest day of the year. Thank you Cally for a fantastic time and Will definitely be returning. Super arrangements from M again. xxx

Reviewer: Will
Date: 7 June
After a really busy month, needed a chilled out session and Cally was what the doctor ordered. She is just super-Cally-fragilisticexpialidocious and the best time ever. Will definitely be back after my holiday :-) Thank you Cally & M for the arrangements xxx

Reviewer: David
Date: 26.4.18
I had not been to IK for quite a while in fact it was December last year.
I had looked at Cally"s profile for a while.
I have to say I was not expecting the vision that stood before me she is beautiful in more than just looks.
This girl is intelligent, she speaks well and seem to have a natural caring side.
I do not usually go for tattoos but they are very tastefully done.
After my shower we spent some time getting to know each other and her skills are exceptional I had to stop her as it was all going to end far too soon.
I used my new found skill down south which I had been learning but never tried.
I knew it was working she is very responsive although I like to think that this was my new skill.
I felt completely comfortable with Cally all the time and at no time did I feel rushed we lay and talked a while. She was very interested in my new found skill and I will certainly be back to see her again so she can experience it again.
Thank you Cally for a wonderful hour and to you too Michelle.

Reviewer: Paul
Date: 18/04
I'd been waiting to book Cally for ages: it was difficult to get my schedule arranged, but she was ABSOLUTELY worth the wait!
Cally is a lovely, sweet-natured girl - and just as stunningly beautiful as her photos suggest.
I had a fantastic time with her: passionate, intense and very satisfying. Highly, highly recommended!

Reviewer: Like a magnet
Date: 12 April
Despite meeting on a regular basis for over a year now, I always look forward to seeing Cally, she can still create that je ne sais quoi, taking the time and effort to look stunning. From her mesmerising eyes to her wonderful kisses, this must had been the shortest 2 hours of my life. Will definitely look forward to our next catch up, our mini saga rekindled and revived xxx

Reviewer: matching hair
Date: 12 March
Wow! Due to a mixture of snow and unable to match days, this reunion was long overdue. Cally certainly made up for lost time as we connected immediately and she looked after my every wish. Beautiful and stunning inside and out, on a wet dreary day, Cally was so perfect. Paris maybe called the City of Love this week, however, today that accolade certainly belonged to Leeds. Will definitely look forward to be reunited again, deja tu me manque Cally. Thank you M again for the impeccable arrangements xxx

Reviewer: Ash
Date: 29/01/18
What can I say M - I was speechless Cally is just simply brilliaint.
Thanks you M for the speedy com's and thanks Cally I had a wonderful time .

Reviewer: Ali
Date: 11/12
Cally is a stunning looking lady, I had an amazing time with her. Lovely black hair and green eyes. I should have booked for longer... round two to be continued x



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