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External Reviews


Reviews Sent To Us

Please see my reviews below that my clients have kindly taken their time to submit:
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Reviewer: JH
Date: 10 May
Sienna is probably the prettiest IK girl I have ever seen. Flawless makeup, beautiful eyes and and wonderful smile. She also has some very tasteful and exquisitely executed tattoos if you like that sort of thing. I was feeling a bit under the weather due to a hangover and a knee injury but she brightened my day and I left feeling privileged to have spent time in the company of such a pretty girl.

Reviewer: Nick
Date: 06/11
Sienna is a lovely lovely lovely girl! She has the prettiest face, a heavenly body and a wonderful personality full of genuine warmth. Thank you for the fantastic time you gave me darling, you definitely get my 'Golden Globes' award!

Reviewer: Call me K
Date: 23/Aug
Another overdue reunion and another wonderful reception from the beauty which is Sienna. The hour flew like jetting off into the air to a welcome of sun, sand, sea and some sexy, singing scrubber salsa dancing, love to teach her a few more things, with restraints of course. Throw in a scrubby taxi and rammel, it was time to end our session. A first class service from a stunning and beautiful young lady. Tu me manque deja. Will definitely be back soon xxxxxxxxxxxx

Reviewer: Steve
Date: 10/07
WOW !  It was a hot, sultry afternoon and I was not prepared for the impact of seeing Sienna.  My excitement was building as I could hear the sound of high heels approaching the door in response to my jaunty knock.  The door opened and a very pretty face smiled at me round the edge of the door.  Sienna was hiding behind it for very good reason.  I walked in and turned just as she was locking us in.  I saw a goddess, dressed only in skimpy sexy lingerie, who said "its just too hot".  Well, I could not have agreed more !  I think she should come with a "too hot to handle" warning.  Not only does she have a stunning beautiful body, with everything in perfect proportion, she has a most delightful personality.  Relaxed, chatty, a bit cheeky, funny, very adorable, intelligent and very relaxed.  We just did not have enough time in the hour I booked.  She made me feel so very alive.  Thank you Sienna, next time we will have much longer to explore all that latent sensuality.  Thanks as always to Michelle, faultless arrangements as always. xxxx

Reviewer: tbc
Date: 2 July
Being busy with this, that and the other, a catch up session with the stunning Sienna was very much needed. And what a naughty and very sweaty result! All grown up, yet felt like Peter Pan as Sienna has so much energy to give. Will be back xxx

Reviewer: Cup of tea
Date: 29 March
A lovely hour of king size proportion spent with the beautiful Sienna. Time just passed, if only work was like that :-) and not so tiring, need to take our vulti mitamins and sausage rolls for energy. Better than a trip to the dentist that's for sure, :-D Thank you Sienna for a lovely time xxx

Reviewer: Warburton scrubber
Date: 16 Feb
Two days has passed since Valentines, yet Sienna felt like my Valentine. An intense and passionate 2 hours spent with a stunning girl is like gold, no copper change required for M, Will definitely need to get a licence for someone so beautiful and I Will certainly be happy to fill in her forms for her. wow, Sienna was funny, tireless like a hamster on red bull, dressed in red making me feel so lucky to be her presence. A caricuture of events, her numerous kisses are what dreams are made of, taking you through a ride you do not want wake up from. Thank you Sienna for making me young again, **warning fluff alert** In a short space of time, we've had many meets, now and again Eureka! you meet someone special that you can't put your finger on it, Sienna has all the XYZ factor, so dare I say it, treat her with respect **fluff end** and M, thanks for the super arrangements xxxx

Reviewer: Stephen
Date: 13/2/18
My first meeting with Sienna was an absolute delight. Great to find a naturally beautiful girl with a flawless, natural figure. Her easy, honest, friendly confidence, makes spending time with her a real pleasure. Sienna is a rare gem with a sparkly, lively personality. Loves her work too. Already looking forward to many more assignations in the future Stephen

Reviewer: Little old man again
Date: day/month
A tangled web we weave as the delectable Sienna again steals the spotlight and brings on the show. Hot under the collar, Sienna was dressed to take notes, though anything other than a single note was taken down building up to an intense afternoon. Certainly could definitely do with room service and the day Will be perfect. xx

Reviewer: Water breaker
Date: 25/01
From the moment of the first greeting to the moment of saying goodbye, every second was Cloud 9 in the presence of the beautiful Sienna. 2018 has now officially started. How I manage to drive properly was a miracle and that no signs were damaged. No scrubbers here, false lashes, wet wipes, everything was
perfect. Thank you Sienna for a wonderful time and Michelle for the excellent arrangements, definitely Will be back soon xxx



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